Sara Flatow

For productions requiring the absolute best in class

Project Overview

Sara Flatow's work is known throughout the entertainment industry. Her CV includes behind-the-scenes content for many popular television shows and films, most recently Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and The Catch. Very Bright Design created a website that reflects the sophisticated and high-end visual style Sara brings to each of her projects.

When a client’s story speaks for itself

With decades of experience and a body of work seen by millions, Sara Flatow's portfolio can stand on its own without a single word of text. Knowing this from the start, our team worked with Sara to develop copy for her website that complemented the website’s visuals. In some cases, this meant using as few words as possible to present the components of Sara's portfolio.

Another major component built into the website is the Testimonials section, featuring endorsements from actors, producers, writers, and directors who've worked with Sara in varying capacities. This collection serves to convey warmth and legitimacy, adding even more to Sara's already-impressive gallery of work.

“Very Bright Design created a website which beautifully showcases many samples of my work. The website also functions wonderfully on tablets and phones, meaning clients can quickly access my portfolio even if they're not at the office or near a computer. I'm very proud to share my new website with my colleagues and clients!”
Sara Flatow
Writer • Producer • Director

Leveraging photography and videography to create an immersive experience

At the core of Sara Flatow's website is the video reel. By featuring segments from various productions, website visitors and potential clients can get a great feel for the quality of Sara's productions.

We also worked with Sara to curate a selection of still photographs from behind-the-scenes content. This gives visitors a glimpse into some of the projects Sara oversees. Because each section of the website features different photography, a natural divider provides strong visual contrast as users scroll down the page.

Single-page navigation

Very Bright Design developed a linear, single-page website for Sara Flatow, keeping all the relevant content within the swipe of a finger. By placing these sections one-after-another as opposed to on separate pages, visitors can seamlessly scroll from Sara's history to samples of her work.