Marching Beyond Halftime

The nation’s first feature-length documentary about music education

Project Overview

With the continued threat of budget cuts gutting arts programs throughout the country, the Marching Beyond Halftime feature documentary emphasizes the benefits of music education in public schools. When Marching Beyond Halftime launched their first fundraiser, Very Bright Design built the website and Indiegogo campaign, leading to the project surpassing its initial fundraising goal.

“Since our team's website first went live, we have received a tremendous amount of traffic (tens of thousands of hits) and the response has been great! The quality of the writing and design is absolutely top-notch. Over 80% of our site traffic is from new visitors to our website, and the interest continues to pour in. Very Bright Design continues to work with us in a number of areas, and we're very proud of this collaboration!”
Terri Avellone
Marching Beyond Halftime

Crafting the message for an important cause

For the Marching Beyond Halftime documentary, nothing is more important than the film's message. The goal of the project is to make a clear case for music education in the schools. The Very Bright Design team worked with the producers to clearly define the objectives of their website, resulting in seven sections of written content.

Using contrast to build momentum

We designed the main page on the Marching Beyond Halftime website to tell the project’s story in a vertical and linear fashion. As the user scrolls down, the content is naturally divided based by the images seen on the screen. The photography behind each major section created natural breaks in the content. This space gave the information in each section room to breathe, and invites users to scroll down to see and learn more.

“We've worked with Very Bright Design in various capacities including web development, copywriting, and marketing strategy. Their work is prompt and of extremely high quality. I strongly recommend Very Bright Design.”