Karen Fazekas

Veteran educator helping each student realize his or her potential

Project Overview

As a veteran classroom educator, Karen Fazekas brings nearly three decades of teaching experience to her one-on-one and group tutoring sessions across Central Florida. Very Bright Design worked to design and develop a website for Karen that could clearly communicate each of the academic subjects she teaches, while helping to organize and field incoming requests from parents and students.

Writing about a passion for teaching

At Very Bright Design, we start every project writing the words that will appear on each page of the website. By focusing on content first as opposed to beginning with the design, we can more efficiently work with our clients do distill the message they want to convey to their audience. For Karen Fazekas, this meant learning about her teaching process and education approach.

Our team worked with Karen to develop a clear and professional tone that complemented her teaching style. This resulted in 15 pages of written content, from descriptions of each teaching subject to her professional and academic qualifications as an educator.

“The Very Bright Design team made an otherwise overwhelming idea beautifully simple! From inception to finished product, all was clearly explained, thoroughly executed, and brilliantly captured my heart's aspiration! I am deeply grateful for my new website.”
Karen Fazekas

Capturing interaction through photography

All the words in the world can't capture how students react to Karen's teaching. Her lessons are filled with enthusiasm and her energy is infectious. Immediately after completing the copywriting phase of the project, Very Bright Design scheduled a series of photo sessions to capture this magic on camera.

Karen connects with her students and works to get them excited about everything from academic goals to extracurricular involvement. We captured some of these interactions on camera and built some of the resulting photos right into the website. These images give website visitors an instantaneous feel for Karen's warmth and focus.

Fully responsive on every device

Parents and students often search for information regarding tutoring services using mobile devices. In fact, the vast majority of Karen's clients reach out to her via email, phone, or text message to schedule an appointment. This meant her website needed to be just as functional and beautiful on mobile devices as it is on desktop and laptop computers.

Very Bright Design built a fully-responsive website for Karen that adjusts the placement of text, images and other elements based on the device being used. In other words, the website smoothly reflows content to perfectly fit full-size computers, tablets, and mobile phones.