Jillian Richey Design

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Project Overview

Jillian Richey Design serves clients throughout the country, and has been featured in numerous nationally-recognized publications and events. Very Bright Design led the design and development of their brand-new website which features JRD's work and services.

Using text to convey minimalism

Jillian Richey's firm is known for its commitment to excellence and its personal touch. Very Bright Design worked with their team to ensure that the spirit and intention of the firm was conveyed through the text on each and every page. That meant telling Jillian's story and qualifying her firm's work through the accolades she's received from industry leaders.

To focus on the premium quality of JR Design's interiors, text was only added where absolutely necessary. By getting marketing copy out of the way, the work can speak for itself.

“While our older website had many of the basics, we were looking for something that reflected our style, our process, and our philosophy. We are extremely pleased with the quality of work that came from our relationship with Very Bright Design. We are very proud to share our new website with our potential clients and colleagues alike.”
Jillian Richey
Jillian Richey Design

Sophistication through imagery

We worked with JR Design to develop a look and feel based on high-end photography—an immersive way to feature their firm's interior design work. At the top of each page is a navigation bar inviting visitors to learn more about the business.

The homepage also features a number of images which serve as link buttons, presenting potential clients with options to explore the firm's services, view a gallery of their work, see the team’s accolades, or contact their office.

Immersion on all devices

Very Bright Design developed a fully-responsive website for JRD. Images and text featured on each page scale and reflow to perfectly fit devices of all sizes—desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

A major benefit to this responsive design is the ease of navigation on mobile devices. We developed a navigation menu from which website visitors can quickly and easily browse through the primary sections of the JRD website. This gives users the same, rich experience on mobile devices they expect from full size computers.