Gray, Gorenflo & Partlow, P.A.

Treating each and every client like family

Project Overview

Gray, Gorenflo & Partlow, P.A. has a reputation of success throughout the State of Florida. The GG&P legal team—led by partners Rachel Gorenflo, Clif Gorenflo, and J.J. Partlow—approaches each new client with an unparalleled level of care and focus. GG&P worked with Very Bright Design to create a brand-new website that highlights the personal approach with which their attorneys and staff conduct business.

“Shortly after our new website launched, we scheduled an initial consultation with a client who found us via Google. The impressive part of this meeting was the fact that the client found our office using a search term for which we did not previously rank. Since then, we have had a significant increase in new clients contacting our office.”
Rachel Gorenflo
Gray, Gorenflo & Partlow, P.A.

Conveying warmth through the written word

Tasked with writing over 30 pages of mission-critical marketing copy for GG&P's website, the Very Bright Design team started with the foundation. This meant clearly differentiating between the individualized approach seen at GG&P and the one-size-fits-all approach seen in some of the larger firms.

To complement this text, we worked with the staff at GG&P to reach out to their current and former clients to seek testimonials. The words from these clients add credibility and individual personality to the website.

A website that helps you feel at home

The GG&P website was built to feature six, clearly-defined sections: the homepage, practice areas, the team page, testimonials, resources, and the contact page. Under each of these sections, website visitors can browse through additional information about the firm's offerings.

The Very Bright Design team created subpages for each of the firm's 20 practice areas. In addition to making it easier for clients to learn about each topic, these subpages help drive traffic to GG&P's website through Google. This means results for searches—like time sharing attorney in Sanford, Florida— feature a link that takes visitors right to the Parenting & Time Sharing section of the GG&P website.

“I am really pleased with the work that Very Bright Design did on our firm's website. McGuire has taken the time to deeply understand our firm's objectives and the personality of our team members, making something for us that is fun, unique, and highly effective.”
J.J. Partlow
Gray, Gorenflo & Partlow, P.A.

Just as engaging on mobile devices

With a growing number of potential clients searching for law firms on mobile phones, it was important to GG&P's marketing efforts to have a website that looked great on any device. The previous website didn't function properly on mobile phones, and several pages weren't even legible because of text that overflowed beyond the boundaries of the screen.

The Very Bright Design team developed a fully-responsive website for GG&P that seamlessly adjusts to full-size computers, tablet devices, and mobile phones. This flexible approach gives potential clients access to GG&P's content no matter what device they’re using.