Barks Law Firm

A family history and reputation built on a commitment to excellence

Project Overview

The attorneys at Barks Law Firm have roots in Sanford, Florida that go back generations. For 30 years, attorney Jim Barks has earned respect throughout the Central Florida community for his dedication to each and every one of his clients. When Jim's son Stuart joined the firm, Very Bright Design led the rebranding, logo creation, copywriting, design, and development of the new Barks Law Firm website.

Writing about the Barks family history

When writing marketing copy, our team starts by challenging ourselves to focus on differentiators. What makes this firm different from the rest? Why should clients care about what they're offering? For Barks Law Firm, this meant focusing on two of their team's greatest strengths: their history and reputation.

Very Bright Design worked with the team at Barks Law Firm to develop a full, dedicated page featuring their family's legacy. With deep roots in the community, the Barks family built their reputation over generations of excellence. By telling this story and connecting it to their law firm's current offerings, visitors to the new website can begin to learn about and connect with the team at Barks Law Firm.

“I can't say enough about Very Bright Design. They were professional, prompt, had very competitive pricing, and were a true pleasure to work with. Between custom photography, creative branding, and unique marketing insight, they far exceeded what I expected from a typical website design. I would recommend Very Bright Design without hesitation to anyone who is looking for sharp and professional website design.”
Stuart Barks
Barks Law Firm

Building a one-of-a-kind experience

When it comes to website navigation, sometimes telling a story is more effective than simply listing qualifications. In the case of Barks Law Firm, this meant designing a custom path that takes the visitor through the Barks family history, gives an overview of the legal team, describes the firm's areas of practice, and gives an overview of the ways to get in touch with their team.

Though each of these sections is instantly accessible from any of the pages on the website, this sequential order provides potential clients with the full story. The end result is a more personal and memorable experience.

Fully functional on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

As part of their rebranding effort, Barks Law Firm wanted to reach members the Central Florida community regardless of whether they were searching on a full-size computer or mobile device. This meant designing each page of the Barks Law Firm website from the ground up to responsively react to all types of screen sizes as opposed to employing an older, fixed-width design.

Very Bright Design created a fully-responsive website which preserves and smoothly scales the photography that's prominently featured on the Barks Law Firm website. This seamless experience means potential clients can quickly and easily find what they're looking for regardless of the device they're using.