Recent Work

Whether it's building the website for a growing small business or creating world-class content for a Fortune 500 company, we're proud of the work we've produced for each and every one of our clients.

Client Feedback

Rachel Gorenflo

“Shortly after our new website launched, we scheduled an initial consultation with a client who found us via Google. The impressive part of this meeting was the fact that the client found our office using a search term for which we did not previously rank. Since then, we have had a significant increase in new clients contacting our office.”

Scott McCormick

“We've worked with Very Bright Design in various capacities including web development, copywriting, and marketing strategy. Their work is prompt and of extremely high quality. I strongly recommend Very Bright Design.”

J.J. Partlow

“I am really pleased with the work that Very Bright Design did on our firm's website. McGuire has taken the time to deeply understand our firm's objectives and the personality of our team members, making something for us that is fun, unique, and highly effective.”

Stephen Caplan

“I have been impressed with McGuire and Very Bright Design right from the beginning! I was a tough "sell", but McGuire addressed all of my concerns in an extremely understandable manner and created a wonderful website for my business!”

Jillian Richey

“We are extremely pleased with the quality of work that came from our relationship with Very Bright Design. We are very proud to share our new website with our potential clients and colleagues alike.”

Sara Flatow

“As of the writing of this review, 318 people have reached out to us through our website. Very impressed with the quality of work and the attention to detail.”

Nicole Read

“New clients specifically mention our website as a big reason they call...Our firm started getting new referrals almost immediately.”

Mayling Sigler

“The price was fair, the work was great, and it was nice to see such attention to detail...Their design was impeccable and the website functions smoothly.”

Kayla Melissa

“Incredibly easy to navigate and works well on mobile devices. Also, a very appealing design.”

Mike Mitchell

“Since day one working with owner McGuire Brannon, it was an extremely professional and exciting venture...Thank you McGuire and Very Bright Design for all you did for our kids, program and our school.”

Lauren Cieszka

“Watching a new attorney website come to life was a great experience. They were creative, professional, and explained things very clearly.”

Alex Beeman

“The end result was a website that we're all very proud to show off to our friends, family, and colleagues!”

Stuart Barks

“I can't say enough about Very Bright Design. They were professional, prompt, had very competitive pricing, and were a true pleasure to work with. Between custom photography, creative branding, and unique marketing insight, they far exceeded what I expected from a typical website design. I would recommend Very Bright Design without hesitation to anyone who is looking for sharp and professional website design.”

Karen Fazekas

“The Very Bright Design team made an otherwise overwhelming idea beautifully simple! From inception to finished product, all was clearly explained, thoroughly executed, and brilliantly captured my heart’s aspiration! I am deeply grateful for my new website.”

Terri Avellone

“Since our team's website first went live, we have received a tremendous amount of traffic (tens of thousands of hits) and the response has been great! The quality of the writing and design is absolutely top-notch. Over 80% of our site traffic is from new visitors to our website, and the interest continues to pour in. Very Bright Design continues to work with us in a number of areas, and we're very proud of this collaboration!”